Effective Seo For Small Businesses!

Best Marketing Tools: An Optimised website and a solid online strategy!

When was the last time you used a Yellow Pages Book to look up a business? At increasing rate every year, millions of people log on the net for the first time and are turning to the Internet to search for local suppliers of products and services. However, unlike the traditional paper copy based Yellow Pages method of finding suppliers, online Yellow Page directories are not often the first place where Internet-users go to. In fact, many YP books these days are used as monitor props and footstools. So if you have an ad running in a Yellow Page, you’re almost throwing money to the wind!

How are people looking for your business these days, search it?!

It’s what everyone else is doing! Today, when someone is looking for products or any type of information on the Internet (ex: recipes, mechanics, music, hotels, doctors, your product etc.) the first thing they usually do is a search for it on a popular search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. More specifically, if ‘Plumbers in Montreal’ are keywords that describe your business, then it is important to you that a link to your business appears on the first two of the search engine results (SERP) ; if not, then the prospective customer will likely be doing business with someone else – Your competitor who has a professional site! Ex. Keyword = Houston Plumbers gets over 1000 searches a week. Sites with the top listing will see a consistent boost in visitors to their site. That’s why it’s important for today’s entrepreneurs to get their sites looking professional and optimized.

What is S.M.O? and how can it Benefit my Business!

Social media optimization is quickly becoming the greatest factor in anybody’s SEO maintenance schedule. Creating social media accounts and developing your profile to fit the exact message your company is trying portray is essential in good SMO. As well as befriending on Facebook or Tweeting, we work to help you keep your message clear, direct and to the point, guaranteeing you the highest level of success in converting your visitors to clients!

A sample of the Areas Covered:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Blogger
  • Xing
  • Twitter
  • Business.com
  • LifeStream
  • Delicious
  • Digg
  • and many more

The Benefits of SEO and not Putting Off Optimizing your Website and Social Network:

  • Increased reoccurring Traffic to your website!
  • Lowest possible marketing costs, with best returns over time!
  • The greatest return on your investment than any other marketing source!
  • Easily monitor your Return on Investment and track the effectiveness of your marketing campaign live!
  • More control over your marketing, visitor tracking etc.
  • Easily interact with your client base!

SEO should be your first line of marketing! The more exposure you have, greater the traffic!

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