Securing Yourself Against Zmeu And Scanner Bots

On the move since 2009 when it was created in Romania and no doubt sold on the dark web only to be re purposed for many malicious reasons. One of the reasons we are starting to see is the set up for a massive DDOS attack, multiple even. The take down of Dyn computing seems to be only the beginning.

Vulnerability scanner does what the name say. A prodding bot looking for holes in your security so criminals in many countries including Russia, China et al. can put phishing software on your site. So if there is anyone who owns a website especially a WordPress or PHP based site protect your sites and stay up to date on the latest security news.

What is the ZmEu Exploit Vulnerability Scanner (Software org. Romania circa 2009)

A bad software that scans for vulnerabilities in your web server (Wiki) . A bad person who wants to use your website to steal Apple Id’s and credit card info. In the latest event in regards to the so called “ZmEu” hack team, they attempt to install a phishing site resembling Apple’s website in our home directory. Alas people will then be redirected to this site on your server in order to be scammed.

attacker was looking for a loophole in that system. That attack was being performed from China., 2014

Example folder name: /home/public_html/ssl.Apple-ID-recheckbill-idwmid46589.sslservices/

So if you are website owner pay attention to your security and run through our checklist to help secure your site.

Linux M has an extensive comment section on tip and advice:

Server security checklist

  • Back up you site at least monthly
  • Check you folder permissions

files should be: 644
folder: 755

More site of interest:

Basic forensic on Zmeu software:

Known Hacking IP’s Used to exploit servers (Get a Firewall and block these):

Securing Yourself Against Zmeu And Scanner Bots

Aesecure WordPress and Joomla

aesecure is by far one of the most advanced  protection for your hosting account with WordPress or Joomla support. Before using this software please back up. Even thought we have done 100’s of installations, we have encountered some issues in only a couple. Visit Aesecure here

Securing Yourself Against Zmeu And Scanner Bots

Word Defence

Very robust security suite for Wordfence. One of the best FREE (&Paid) software for WordPress. Visit site here

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