Choosing A Hosting Provider

First and foremost when it comes to speeding up your website, your hosting provider, and type of hosting account you have is the most important factors in having a fast website. The next factor is the size of your website. If you only have a 5-page website and no streaming media, a shared ‘Unlimited Account” will suffice. But if you have a shopping cart system with thousands of products then you need to take into account Hosting provider and type of account.

Be Wary of The Overloaded Server

Be warned, all hosting providers are not equal. Some overload their shared accounts to squeeze as much money out of them and put as many accounts on their servers as they can. All at the expense of speed. And others prefer to keep their systems balanced and their customers happy. In the long run, the company that offers the best service will do better.

Companies owned by EIG Brand :

Choosing A Hosting Provider

EIG across all these companies, reports of increased outages and slower response times.


Yes, it’s true! Hostgator, Dreamhost and other beloved hosting providers that have provided superb services over the years have increasingly downgraded their services in order to maximize profits. Consequently, clients have suffered.

For a superior hosting provider, we recommend A2 Hosting (We Use them too!)

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