One of the quickest ways to protect yourself is to ensure that you have a backup of your site. If you get hacked, you can be back online in minutes. They have several tools that enable you to speed up your installations and backup.

If You Host with Us Use Rewind to restore a damaged or hacked site.

To rewind your website to a previous state within the last month, do the following steps. We do a back up of all your content every for fro 30 days.\:

  1. Log into your Cpanel from here: Click to Log into your hosting with us
  2. Find the rewind button,

Restore with Rewind
Manual Site Back-Up with Akeeba (Joomla)

Word Press Back Up

One of the best back up tools for Word Press is WP All in one import. One click backup and restore.

All in One Migration (Easy back up and restore)

Get it here:

Also, we recommend you FTP to your site an download all your files from your site to your local computer. But if you use any of the above compression tools, you’re set.

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