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The 10 Things You Should Know About SEO

Like anything, SEO is a time-based project that requires, guess what? Time and planning. Oh, and you need knowledge, lots of it. SEO is complex at first, but like anything you put your mind to, you can learn it in no time! But if you are too busy, call us and we will help you get the desired results. We recommend to all our client to read through our Top 10 list to get started:

1. SEO before, not after you build your site!

The best time to think about SEO is always before building your site. This way you can strategically optimize: images, headers, links to related more clearly to their content. But most of all, it is about doing it right so that in the end you are not punishing yourself for blacklisting your site!

2. SEO is a long-term investment!

The more money you spend usually does return results. But that will clean out your marketing budget faster than you can blink! Paid campaigns are good for huge corporations, but Mom and Pop shops like ours (less than 10 employees), this is not a smart investment. Planning a long-term strategy around major keywords in your industry and building your Social Network will yield long-lasting results and loyal followers that do not require regular payments, but instead are FREE and organic! Like it was meant to be!

3. SEO is not polished Meta Tags!

When Webcrawler was the number one engine maybe! But not anymore, thank God! The only reason search is bearable these days and Google owns half the world (digital that is…) is because they made a concept work as it should. Search for Disney, get Disney. Not an endless stream of porn sites! So determining the value of your website content now, many factors are now taken into consideration i.e.: Title, content, keyword densities, page loads, backlinks, the age of domain, valid markup and the list goes on…Ensuring relevant results for all, Alleluia!

4. Verify the Facts! Hoard your sources for info, and cross-reference!

Everybody wants to be an expert, even us! But remember that it is a common habit for people to speak as if they are experts, but can know very little about a subject! I see it in American politics all the time! And because people very rarely check any fact but rather accept what they want to be true! In the world of SEO that is expensive and damaging. Be wary, predators are everywhere. If you do not know the facts, you risk becoming prey! Cross-reference the information from Blogs, websites and other sources of information to get the best insight into your project!

5. SEO includes everybody in your company!

In order for SEO to be effective, everyone should be working toward improving the online campaign by direct engagement with the companies website via social media for example. SEO is not just the responsibility of your web designer or marketing company, it is every one who works for the company. Included pep talk into meeting about how to Plus one will reap a world of results and will make your staff more in touch with social media. On breaks and off company time of course!

6. Keywords matter! Allot!

It is really important to know the fundamentals in this area because going after the wrong keyword for your company can squander precious resources on ineffective conversion rates. If someone arrives at your site by searching “basketballs,” it may have a lower conversion rate than “basketball store.” Why, because the first search can be about anything related to a basketball, as the other is actively looking for a store, usually to buy! So if you think “basketball” is better because it has one word, be wary!

7. Optimize Your Text Links!

One of the most overlooked aspects of on-site SEO, neglecting your ALT tags on images and not adding link descriptions to a hyperlinked!

8. SERP Ranking is not the whole story! Far from it!

Many of us, yes us too. Have been obsessed with where our site is ranked on searches! But as our experience grew, we understood that these factors are also major contributors to the effectiveness of your SEO campaign! Bounce rates should be low, Conversion rates high, book markings etc. SERPS ranking is a small part of the success and effectiveness of your SEO campaign.

9. Remember, it’s about your visitors!

Focusing on your user experience and the interaction of your business with visitors to your website is smart! Never design a site while leaving out your visitors! Ex: Whole flash website! Needless to say, for now Ipad users won’t be visiting them!

10. Host Servers matter too!

It is important to remember that not all hosting companies are the same and some will hurt your SEO efforts and make it more difficult and costly to achieve your SEO results.In addition, hosting your site on free hosts and overcrowded shared accounts (1 computer server = 1000’s of a site) can slow down site page loads (time taken for a webpage to download in a browser). Slow sites have poorer showing due to more crawl errors, etc. Needless to say, does anyone want to wait for a page to load these days? NO!

Be patient, take it one step at a time, understanding every step and ask a lot of questions! Key to success!

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